See the difference.

If you are trying to go deep in your mind and touch many dimensions of you ,see the geometry, understand the chemistry, redefine the laws and read something beyond. Let’s start…..

πŸ‘‰In this condition I don’t know what my mind and my inner world doing.i am just trying to understand everything outer and inner and middle but this a big problem and trouble for me. intelligence , creativity , reasoning, maths , physics , chemistry , biology etc.i am confused and tired with this condition of my mind . there is no freedom and no joy.i am in like a cage .my tools of mind are old and broken , cause of me. l am fool right now.noone and nothing changes us instead ourselves.different way of thinking , point of view , habits which is simple for us and become harder for me right now.i fight ,play, struggle,sit,think anything , thinking pattern, circulness , (mind ,body ,) universel geometry and psychology and gyan.imagination and knowledge .right sequence.rules and attention.philosophy of mind .own creation of mind ,generate a thought and some brilliant idea .learn form everything even which is nothing for you and simply nothing . unknown and mysterious adventure are in you.all universe is you. your one inner universe can become multiuniverse. dream and success . .competition. race against time . energy efficiency mechine should be your body and mind and can produce very big amount of energy to mind traveling and flexible and high..

If any mistakes in this article ignore it and please enjoy the real reading.πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

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